Feline Osteoarthritis: the keys

Feline Osteoarthritis: the keys
Pain management and Welfare

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Gus is a senior cat with an unspecific history of weight and activity loss. After an exhaustive anamnesis and a thorough evaluation of overall condition paired with several complementary studies, he is diagnosed with osteoarthritis as the main cause for the changes in behaviour and general condition. A multimodal therapy protocol for pain management in felines is then established and successive check-ups are carried out confirming a significant improvement in the clinical evolution. Feline osteoarthritis is a very common chronic condition but is also underdiagnosed, mainly due to cat's specific behavioural characteristics. Ready to learn more?


  • To become familiar with the diagnosis and multimodal pharmacological management of pain derived from ostheorathritis in cats.
  • Review several common pathologies that may co-exist in senior feline patients and how to integrate different treatment protocols.
  • End up stablishing standard protocols to evaluate overall health in senior cats with a particular focus in pain detection due to its close relation to welfare and quality of life.
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